Financial Aid 

This year, Alameda Parks & Recreation and ASPA are pleased to offer up to 10 reduced cost memberships to qualifying community members on a first come, first serve basis.  Please stop by Lincoln Pool at 2 PM on April 20 to be considered and complete a membership application form. Questions? Send us a "Program Inquiry" from our Contact Us page. 

To qualify for consideration your household gross income must be less than or equal to the amounts shown below:

1 person    - $74,200

2 persons - $84,800

3 persons - $95,400

4 persons - $106,000                      

5 persons - $114,500

6 persons - $123,000

7 persons - $131,450

8 persons - $139,950

To ensure that we can serve as many families as possible, we are requesting that you provide the following documentation to verify your family's eligibility for assistance.

Residency Verification

Please provide ONE of the following:

Proof of Dependent

Provide the following:

Income Verification

Provide ONE of the following:

OR Provide TWO OR MORE of the following:

Financial Assistance award recipients shall pay a total of One Hundred Dollars ($100) in membership dues for the applicable calendar year, which amount shall be paid in two installments of Fifty Dollars ($50) each, the first by March 31 or within thirty (30) days of receipt of award, whichever comes later, and the second by June 30 or within sixty (60) days of receipt of award the Financial Assistance awards cover remainder of the total yearly fee.  Financial Assistance is not automatically renewed and not guaranteed from year to year.  Families that receive an award you will be responsible for 2 volunteer shifts per year.