Aquatics Offerings

Kinderswim Program

Spring and Fall

The no-cost Kindergarten Swim Program, also known as "Kinderswim," is provided for approximately six weeks in the fall, from mid-September through the end of October, and for six weeks in the spring during the latter part of April and May. The purpose of the program is to enable kindergarten-aged children to be water safe and initially learn how to swim. Students progress from the small pool to the big pool as skills improve. This is a great program for all children who (1) are not comfortable treading water confidently or (2) able to swim the width of the pool independently. Please do not push your children into attempting the RGBs test until they are able to do these two things.  The test can be traumatizing if they are not ready. 

A parent or caregiver is expected to bring the child and enter the pool to assist during the lesson. Essentially, parents are taught how to instruct the child, and the program is offered on a first come, first-served basis.  Below is the current Kinderswim details flyer:

Kinderswim Details Flyer

Reds, Greens, Blues Novice Swim Program

Spring and Fall 

This drop-in program, offered 5 days a week, is for children age 6 to 10, offered at both Franklin and Lincoln pools. Admittance into this program requires passing the deepwater safety test (see guidelines in the Member Guide). 

You MUST BE AN ASPA Member before you sign up for RGBs. You can register for an ASPA Base Membership online here or by contacting Donna Murray at (510) 523-9461. Members, please register your child for RGBs using the link below:

Reds, Greens and Blues Sign Up

Summer Swim Program

Non-swimmers, Reds, Greens, Blues Program

The Summer Swim Program is designed to progress children from beginning to advanced swimming. Your household must have an ASPA membership to participate in all Summer Swim Programs. Non-swimmer and RGB classes are offered twice a day and the lifeguards work with the swimmers to seamlessly progress through the levels. The Advanced Swimmer Program is once a day and only offered at Lincoln Pool. 

Qualifications for each level:

Advanced Swimmer Class 

Lincoln Pool (Monday through Friday)

This is for water-safe swimmers, generally age 10-18, who are able to swim the full length of the pool. This class focuses on strengthening the swimmer’s strokes and getting exercise. 

Senior Swim

Senior Swim is a guarded "free of charge" program provided Tuesday and Thursday mornings at Franklin Pool. It is open to all non-member senior (50+) residents of Alameda for lap swimming. Members are encouraged to swim at different times to avoid overcrowding.

Family Swim

Guarded General Membership open swim Saturdays and Sundays from 12:30-5:30 PM mid-April through the end of October. 

Keyholder Swim

Keyholders and their families may swim during non-scheduled times as long as they are not swimming alone. Non-keyholders must be accompanied by a keyholder during non-scheduled times. 

Alameda Gators Swim Team 

For children age 5 to 18 interested in competitive swimming, the ASPA provides use of its pools for the year-round USA Swimming sanctioned Alameda Gators Swim Team. This organization has a separate board of directors from the ASPA board.  Registration information can be found here

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