Lease Requirements

Per the Alameda Swimming Pool Association (ASPA) lease requirements with the city of Alameda, specific details about our membership must be posted to our website and can be found here from the Lease Agreement:

7.2 Pool Membership.

(a) General. Subject to other provisions in this Lease, including those
regarding vouchers and recipients of vouchers in Section 7.8, Tenant may maintain a membership roster and limit admission to the pools on the Premises to its members. Tenant shall post clear information about membership, including a membership application, cost, and volunteer requirements, on its website and at the Premises. There shall also be information about membership application and non-member programs posted at the Premises that is visible from the exterior of the Premises. Tenant shall ensure that hard copies of membership applications are available at the Premises to the public at all times. Membership application shall have clear information about annual cost plus any and all requirements. Tenant shall provide current information including membership application, program schedule and non-member programs to Landlord, which will, through its Recreation and Parks Department, post provided information on the City website and print publications such as the tri-annual activity guides. Tenant shall respond to all requests regarding membership within twenty-one (21) calendar days. Should Tenant elect to maintain a membership roster, Tenant may only limit membership on the basis of majority (18 years and older), residency in the City of Alameda, payment of fees, and adherence to the rules and regulations of Tenant. Tenant shall not create or maintain a wait list for members for any person satisfying the requirement set forth in the immediately preceding sentence, and any such person may become a member by submission of a completed application and payment of fees. For clarity, Tenant does not control the Alameda Ala-Gators Swim Team or any of its operations, and, to the extent such swim team creates or maintains a wait list, such action shall not be a considered a breach of Tenant’s obligations under this Lease. A refusal of membership by Tenant may be reviewed by Landlord and the decision of Landlord shall be final.

(b) Financial Assistance Program. During the Term, Tenant shall maintain a financial assistance program for each calendar year as follows. Tenant shall maintain a link to a financial assistance application on its website, which application shall be substantially similar to financial assistance application forms used in the current or immediately preceding calendar year by the Alameda Recreation and Park Department. Landlord shall share its financial assistance scoring methodology with Tenant, which methodology shall be used by Tenant in scoring applications, and Tenant shall set a minimum scoring standard for awards of financial assistance in consultation with Landlord. The financial assistance program of Tenant shall be operated such that the recipient of any financial assistance award shall pay a total of One Hundred Dollars ($100) in membership dues for the applicable calendar year, which amount shall be paid in two installments of Fifty Dollars ($50) each, the first by March 31 or within thirty (30) days of receipt of award, whichever comes later, and the second by June 30 or within sixty (60) days of receipt of award, whichever comes later, with the balance of the regular membership dues for such recipient being funded from Tenant’s financial assistance program. In each calendar year, Tenant shall make financial assistance awards to applicants with qualifying scores on a first come, first served basis until the first award is issued which causes the total amount of membership dues funded through the financial assistance program in such calendar year to equal or exceed Five Thousand Dollars ($5,000). Receipt of a financial assistance award in any calendar year shall not entitle the recipient to any award in any subsequent year. Applications for financial assistance must be submitted for each year in which a person desires to receive financial assistance. To receive any financial assistance award in any calendar year, the recipient must comply with all non-financial terms and conditions generally applicable to Tenant’s members in such calendar year, including without limitation volunteer obligations and pool rules. Tenant shall maintain accurate records of each financial assistance award (which records shall include copies the recipient’s financial assistance application and membership documentation), and may submit the same to Landlord for reimbursement. Not later than thirty (30) days following receipt of all such documents, Landlord shall issue a check to Tenant in the amount of the financial assistance award; provided, however, that Landlord shall not be under any obligation to reimburse any amount in excess of Five Thousand Dollars ($5,000) in the aggregate in any calendar year. Landlord hereby acknowledges that Tenant’s operation of a financial assistance program is contingent upon Landlord’s performance of its obligations under this
Section 7.2(b).

7.3 Complaints. Tenant shall have a process, including an email, for complaints regarding membership and non-member programs. This information and process shall be readily available to members and provided to Landlord for posting on the City website under the Recreation and Parks Department. Complaints received shall be provided to Landlord at least quarterly and Landlord and Tenant shall meet to review complaints and seek resolution where necessary and/or feasible.

7.4 Annual Use Reporting. By December 31st of each calendar year, Tenant shall submit an annual report to Landlord and post at its facilities an annual report including: Number of members; number of non-member participants who participated in each program as identified in Sec. 7.4; number of people who requested membership and number who accepted or were denied.